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Desima was formed in 2003 as a facility management company of facilities and offices at airports and surrounding areas.
Today, we manage properties and facilities at Sweden’s three largest airports: Stockholm-Arlanda, Landvetter-Göteborg and Malmö-Sturup. There are far more stringent demands on managing properties at an airport than other facilities due to the strict regulations relating to security and safety. The management of airport properties is an integral part of the airport’s total responsibility.

Our facility management undertakings include administration as well as technical services.

Due to our success since our formation, Desima has expanded into development and marketing of land at and near airports.

Based on our broad experience of the international transportation and travel markets, we also offer management consultancy services relating to business development including conducting studies and marketing within consumer products as well as business-to-business areas.

The value of the property portfolio managed by Desima is approx. 600 MSEK ($83 million USD). We forecast that during 2007 this value will increase nearly twofold to 1,100 MSEK ($153 million USD).

The redevelopment of Husby 4:4 at Arlanda Cargo Center is proceeding according to plans.

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Large office with excellent location to let at Arlanda Cargo Center

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